A beginning, a middle and an end

Why is it always easier to write the beginning and the end of a novel or screenplay? For me I find the ending is always there – usually within the first hours of story conception. The challenge seems to lay in the dreaded middle.

Currently I am three quarters of the way through my newest novel, a young adult paranormal and slowly moving through the middle. Every day results in a new chapter but also an interesting journey. I am constantly amazed how my characters end up leading me through the story and often in a direction that I did not anticipate.

Is it the right road for the characters? Does it reveal something beyond exposition and if so does it add or subtract from the story? Is there value in throwing them into situations just to see how they work their way out of it? Perhaps.

What I do know is that I trust my characters. I listen to their voice and trust that they will make the right call.

Chapter twenty three awaits. Let’s see what happens next…

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