My road to destiny, paved by dimes

About six months back, I had the most wonderful dream. By the time I was alert enough to realize, the dream had slipped away back to the place where they are born – save one tiny part.

I was walking and looked down to find a dime, shining brightly in the sun. From somewhere unknown I heard a voice telling me that by locating this dime, all my dreams would someday come true.

Being a Saturday morning and facing my usual hour walk to kickboxing, I left my place, eager to find this dime. Long and hard, I scoured the pavement, looking earnestly on sidewalks, streets and parking lots along my route to my class.

I didn’t find a thing.

After being pummeled by my Sensei, I began the long walk back, choosing to walk on the other side of the street for no reason other than it would take me closer to home. Lost in thoughts of how to market my latest script and get my books published. I began to daydream of being at the Academy Awards and my acceptance speech for best screenplay. From the depths of my dream, I caught a glimpse of something shining in the morning sun.

There, on the side of a busy road, was my dime.

So what does it mean? A sign from the universe that my efforts to master the laws of attraction were finally paying off? A suggestion that my dream of Clint Eastwood directing my script with my favorite actors participating wasn’t just a pipe dream?

Who knows? All I know is that day, I felt such joy at finding this one tiny dime.

Since then, dimes have appeared at the oddest times and places. I’ve picked them up at crosswalks, on the painted yellow parking line in a completely deserted parking lot, in the back seat of my car that I swear was empty and even falling on me from a closet during a search for Christmas wrapping paper.

Always the same type of dime. Super shiny, as if giving off an inner glow just for me.

So what does it mean?

I still don’t have a clue, the voice of the elusive dime escapes me. They appear when I’m not thinking about anything in particular, and believe me I often think too much.  No, they tend to show up during times of disappointment. Even if the most mundane setback has occurred in my life.

Perhaps that’s what they are there for – a reminder to keep my eye on my dreams and not to sweat the setbacks.

Today after a challenging day, I walked out of my place to find a shiny new dime, sitting in a driveway, directly in my path. It brought a smile to my face and reminded me to keep moving forward, keep moving on.

Maybe Clint Eastwood directing my screenplay isn’t such a pipe dream, after all…


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