My debut book – The Fog

Very excited about the debut of my book, a science fiction romance called The Fog.

Here is a bit about the story:

In 2045 the city of Boston is a very different place. Riddled with crime, the brave detectives fight criminals, terrorists and a phenomenon that threatens to destroy the world – The Fog. All consuming and relentless it devours people and buildings, a natural anomaly with the destructive strength of ten tornados.
Or is it? For Detectives Lainey Turner and Jack Callahan their relentless pursuit of a terrorist named Damian leads them into a mystery that will change their future forever. Brought together by hate but destined for love, these soul mates are forced to into an impossible situation, sacrifice their future to save the world from Damian and The Fog.

And the cover…Stay tuned, I am hoping for a July release date.

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